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For a safe living environment We offer the world’s highest quality photocatalytic antibacterial coatings.
安心して暮らせる生活環境の為に、 世界最高品質の光触媒抗菌コーティングをご提供いたします。

Research on photocatalysts has revealed that conventional photocatalytic materials (titanium dioxide) are not very effective in sterilization and disinfection.
In order to enhance the sterilization, anti-fungus, and anti-virus functions, the world’s first and only patented photocatalytic coating technology, RENE PLUS (NFE2), is a next-generation hybrid photocatalytic coating technology that combines metallic copper, silver ions, and tungsten trioxide in a photocatalyst.

All NORICO walking sticks are also coated with RENE PLUS antibacterial coating.


全てのNORICO取扱商品に、RENE PLUS(ルネプラス)抗菌コーティングを施しております。


RENE PLUS(ルネプラス)の特徴

Next-generation hybrid photocatalyst that is effective even with cell phone light.

In the world’s first technology, copper and copper ion (Cu2+Cu2+), silver ion, fluorine resin called Nafion, and tungsten trioxide are hybridized with photocatalytic technology, resulting in strong sterilization (disinfection), anti-mold, and anti-virus functions. The hybridization of silver ions and Nafion, a fluoropolymer and tungsten trioxide, with photocatalytic technology provides excellent sterilization (disinfection), mold prevention, and antiviral effects.

Once generated, copper ions continue to be effective for a long period of time due to the synergy effect of photocatalyst and metallic copper, protecting the space where the coating is applied. The patented technology we have developed is used in various facilities such as medical, educational, and nursing care facilities.


一旦発生した銅イオンは光触媒と金属銅のシナジー効果によって長時間に渡り効果を持続し続け、コーティング施行された空間を守ってくれます。 開発した特許技術は医療施設・教育施設・介護施設など、様々な施設で使用されています。

RENEPLUS has the industry’s only wide range of construction possibilities.

Indoors, it is effective in sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, odor control, and mildew prevention for ceilings, glass surfaces, walls, furniture, floors, and fabrics.
Outside, RENE PLUS is effective in sterilizing, disinfecting, deodorizing, odor, mold, insect, rust, and stain resistance for roofs, exterior walls, and plantings.

RENE PLUS can be sprayed on smartphones, tablets, and home appliances such as microwave ovens and refrigerators. The photocatalytic effect lasts for about 3 to 5 years even on smartphones that are often touched.
RENE PLUS is also utilized in facilities where safety and security are required, and has the characteristic of semi-permanent effect in places where it is not touched by hands.


スマートフォンやタブレット、また電子レンジや冷蔵庫などの家電にもRENE PLUSは噴霧が可能です。普段よく触るようなスマートフォンでも、光触媒の効果期間は約3~5年ほど持続します。


RENE PLUS(ルネプラス)の安全性

Certificate from Polymer Testing and Evaluation Center
The Polymer Testing and Evaluation Center has certified that the product complies with the Food Sanitation Law and the standard criteria for foods, additives, etc.
Inactivation of novel coronavirus Test Result Report
新型コロナウイルス不活性化 試験結果報告書
Inactivation of novel coronavirus has been proven by Nara Prefectural University of Medicine.
Inactivation of new coronavirus Details of test results
新型コロナウイルス不活性化 試験結果詳細
After 10 minutes of spraying RENE PLUS, it was proven that the virus was reduced to 99.99.
RENE PLUS噴霧10分後、ウイルスが99.99%まで減少したことが証明されました。