Cane Division Concept

Our Concept

I experienced using cane myself and found out that cane is mainly used as welfare tool and has no fashionable look. Using my past career in the fashion industry, I decided to create a cane from Japan that is “fashionable, safe, and can be use with joy”.
Our most important statement is that the products are “made in Japan”. We have made a cane “NORICO”, linking fashion and welfare in one.

  Product Features


In recent years we see growing population of fashionable aging people in Japan. Many people will not satisfy their demands only by function. Our canes are focused on fashion, using new materials, high quality Japanese craftsmanship. We focus on launching new Japanese inspiring ideas to the world.


We can also make your own tailor-made cane. Not only the product in the catalog, but design your own only one in the world fashionable cane.


People with high interest in fashion will love our products. Perfect gift for your parents, and friends or your important ones, who wants to enjoy walking out, wants to enjoy fashion.

Quality and safety features

We use crystalize made by Swarovski, which makes the can refine and elegant design. Safety is one of the most important features nowadays, and SG mark guarantees the products’ safety. We have acquired the SG mark in our products, meaning safety is assured.

Fine craftsmanship

NORICO canes are hand made by fine craftsman. Leather wrapping and mounting Swarovsk®i is done carefully by hand.

High quality

To add brightness in the cane, we use unique method in coloring which cannot be done by regular color transferring method. Concerning safety we have acquired SG mark in our product.


    Swarovski used in NORICO cane is made with Swarovski® and all is marked with SWAROVSKI ELEMTS.

  • SG mark

    All our canes are approved SG mark. SG mark stands for Safety Goods. To acquire SG mark the products must meet the safety regulation made by the organization.
    To understand more about SG mark please click below web page
    Consumer Products Safety Association

  • Patent number

    • No.1338594
    • No.1338595
    • No.1338596
    • No.1355969

charm × accessories

Comes with charm-ring so please enjoy by adding your own charm


Rubber on the bottom comes with Swarovski® crystal

package × luxury

Great present for people with high interest in fashion