Beauty Division How to use

  • SKIN care
  • Body care
  • In the bath tub
  • Hair care
  • SKIN care (approx. 5min)

    Mud and jewel ingredients allows to rehabilitate by “exertion” and “resupplying”!
    Beauty components reinforce whitening of skin!

  • take off makeup

  • apply the pack carefully so the amount is even all over.

  • Wait 5minutes or until the pack hardens and then wash away.

  • Recommended to use more since the product has high absorption.

  • Body care (approx. 5min)

    Use the pack for decorate, hand or any place in the body where the skin is exposed to enhance whitening power.

  • Apply where needed.

  • Let the pack absorb in the skin for 5 to 10minutes.

  • Wash away

  • In the bath tub (approx. 5min)

    Poor the mud pack while bathing.
    Mud and jewelry substance will wash away the dirt and prevents swelling. Whitening substance can make the skin moist.

  • Poor the WH Beauty Clay Pack in the bath tub.

  • Mix until the water is white.

  • Bath about 5minutes.

  • Wash away by shower.

  • Hair care (approx. 3min)

    Massage the scalp and head with the pack.
    Can wash away the dirt in the scalp and cleanse the skin.

  • Wash the hair using shampoo.

  • Massage the scalp and head with WH Beauty Clay Pack and let it sit for 3min then wash away.

  • Then use hair treatment.