Beauty Division What is Turnover

Turnover means re-birth of skin.

Turnover is a process where skin rotates from old to new.
Metabolism occur in the skin and new cell is born → many kinds of moist ingredients is produced(ceramide) → corneum layer works as a barrier → cell dies and peel off.
Turnover begins from the basal layer. Keratinocyte(skin cell) takes 14 days to come up to the top layer (keratinization, cell dies, living tissue diminish) and then another 14days to work as a barrier and the diminish as dead cell. (keratin layer is an layer mass of dead cell) This whole process is turnover.

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Takes about 28days to diminish. Please remember that turnover is very important in creating beautiful top layer. Turnover is the key to making a “high quality top layer”. Even if you apply many cosmetics in you face, if the turnover process is not functioned properly you will not have a beautiful skin.
(Using too much cosmetic may affect turnover in a negative way)