Beauty Division Our product - WH Beauty Clay Pack

WH Beauty Clay Pack


Beauty starts from skin care!

Mud and jewel ingredients allows to rehabilitate by “exertion” and “resupplying”!
Beauty components reinforce whitening of skin!
Skin aging is the key component in keeping beauty skin for young and old. By applying this product, you may feel the extra effect of the cosmetics that you are using now.


  • Cleanse the top layer of the old skin and wash away the inner false substance from the pores. (turnover process)

  • Contains 3 major substances that are needed to keep healthy skin, mineral, beauty components, enzymes.

  • Resetting the skin environment, and revives the natural healing ability which makes better absorption.

  • Rejuvenates the skin age

  Natural ingredients

Marine silt from Japan

Deposited ultrafine mud from more than hundred thousand years ago.
This special mud can only be found in specific parts of Okinawa.
This fine clay can go into small areas of skin disposing bad dirt.

White clay from France

This has been used as drinking medicine for long time.
Weak acidic with aluminum white clay from Paris, France.


Diamond deposits hormones that brings back youth, making you look younger.
Very high detox effect, and enhance immunity.


Very effective in de-oxidation.
Getting rid of free radical and prevents aging.

  Product features

  • Carefully selected 2 finest mud clay in the world.

  • Contains luxurious diamond and platinum substance

  • Clay pack is made from state of the art mixture.

  • Cares swelling of the skin by idealift substance.

  • Can be used in any part of the body, hair, facial, hand, and leg.

  • Fine particle help enhance smooth feeling when applied.

  • Meets the high standard guidelines of Japanese government.

  • Can be used for both female and male.


  • White and transparent

    New Vitamin C derivative (APPS)

    Absorbs more than 100times than the regular Vitamin C.


    Higher retention rate but less stimuli, so it can be used with people that has weak skin.

  • Moisture, keepingmoist, shine

    Moist and Glossy Shine

    Contains very high dense hyaluronic acid in the industry.


    It has been reported that this substance takes one of the most important role in keeping beautiful and healthy skin.

  • Swelling/ tightening the skin


    This substance is needed to keep up the face line clearly. Also helps from swelling because of the tightening effect in the substance.

  • Anti-inflammatory agent

    Dipotassium glycrrhizate

    Maximum dosage is 40mg/day but if used as a cosmetic, and if it is not oral dosage, the maximum dosage is low so there will be no problem.